Catchment Flood Risk Management

Catchment Flood Risk Management

Catchment Flood Risk Management

Compared with the continental countries, Taiwan's rivers feature a short time of concentration and low permeability due to city development. Thus, residents are frequently threatened by flood disasters during the wet season. In order to prevent and mitigate the flood disasters, the DPWE presents the framework of flood risk management based on the integration of our cross-disciplinary team, including hydraulic, geotechnical, formal rulemaking, and risk analysis.

Overtopping Risk Analysis

Based on various uncertainty analysis methods such as fault tree, variance estimation, and Monte Carlo simulation, the DPWE presents the process for overtopping risk analysis which incorporates the uncertainties of climate change, land use, channel migration, and in-stream structures.

Risk Assessment in Urban Inundation

Analysis on the flood potential mapping and cost based on the simulations of land subsidence and urban inundation simultaneously.

Information System for River Eco-Engineering

DPWE develops an information system for river Eco-Engineering based on the river restoration guidelines and GIS. The developed system can improve the efficiency for the planning and designing of flood control structures.

Institutional Drafting for Floodplain Management

With the integration of hydraulic engineering, environment, and legal institutions, the DPWE continues to advance the institution for floodplain management, including the floodplain delineation, land use management, flood insurance, and formal rulemaking, etc.