Safety Evaluation of Reservoirs and Water-conveying Structures

Investigation Investigation Investigation of MingDe Reservoir water-tunnel leakage

Safety Evaluation of Reservoirs and Water-conveying Structures

Due to increasing threat from typhoon and earthquake events in Taiwan, quality of reservoir safety for extending reservoir operation life should rely on the periodical safety evaluation, including safety examination and monitoring. Therefore, the DPWE has developed related examination and monitoring techniques; furthermore, it provides professional assistances in consultation with Water Resources Agency, for achieving the safety status of reservoirs and lifting essence of reservoir management.

壩體動態分析 壩體動態分析 Reservoir Dynamic analysis 谷關壩壩體震後加速度頻譜分析 GuGuan reservoir acceleration spectrum analysis after earthquake 大觀電廠溢洪道混擬土之透地雷達檢測 3D results of DaGuan reservoir spillway using ground penetration radar investigation

Dam safety examination, monitoring and analysis

  • Research and modification of non-destructive examination methods
  • Applications of innovative transmission line based monitoring methods
  • Diagnosis system of dam safety after a earthquake
  • Dam dynamic analysis

Technical consultation on the appraisal of reservoirs inspection and safety evaluation

  • Examination of reservoir safety evaluation reports
  • Inspection of reservoirs and water-conveying structures
  • Technical consultation and emergency investigation of reservoirs and water-conveying structures