Green Technologies for a Sustainable Water Industry

Green Technologies for a Sustainable Water Industry

Water quality safety

  • Reduction of chemical use-physico-bio-inspired approaches
  • New Technology-for unusual water quality

Enhancement of operational performance

  • Automatic Monitoring and Control
  • Performance evaluation and improvement

Environment friendly operation

  • Water conservation and discharge reclamation
  • Sludge reduction & reclamation
  • Reduction of water leakage
  • Energy Saving and Renewable Energy

Emergency water supply

  • Development of mobile water supply systems


The aim of Water Research Lab. is to integrate green technologies for water treatment plant. The technologies developed by us include bio-filtration in pretreatment to remove organic matter and ammonia, high-purity PACl coagulant to enhance coagulation efficiency, anti-fouling membrane filtration to recover spent filter backwash water, operational performance and evaluation enhancement (OPEE) program to advance the management for water treatment plant, environmentally friendly technology for sludge reduction and reclamation, and smart control system for chemical dosing.

Green Technologies for a Sustainable Water Industry